City information

Area : 710 sq km

Language :English & Mandarin

Population : Estimate 5 million, consisting 4 races. Chinese (75%), Malay (13%), Indian (10%) & Eurasian (2%).

Weather :

  • Daytime average: 30 Celcius (85 Fahrenheit),
  • Night-time average: 26 Celcius (79 Fahrenheit),
  • Rainy Season: November – December

Visas & Immigration

Visa is not required for citizens of USA, Western Europe and the Commonwealth, and granted one-month visitor permit. Tourists entering Singapore via the causeway from Johor Bahru in Malaysia or by sea are allowed to stay for maximum 14 days.

Nationals of most other countries (except India, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States) may stop over in Singapore for up to 14 days without a visa. Please keep the stub of your immigration card until you leave. Find out more on the official site, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Currency – Local currency is known as Singapore Dollars. It is denominated in dollar bills of S$10,000, S$1000, S$500, S$100, S$50, S$20, S$10, S$5, S$2. Coins are in 1 dollar, 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents, and 1 cent. Neighbouring country, Brunei’s currency has the same value as Singapore Dollar and is interchangeable. Exchange – It is very convenient and easy to change your foreign currency into Singapore Dollars. You may change money at banks, licensed money changers, hotels and even ATMs (via your credit card facility). And most establishments accept major international credit cards. Cost of Travelling – Singapore is a relatively expensive city, with pricey hotel rooms and dining options. However, it is very easy to travel and dine with a tight budget as there are many foodcourts, hawker centres in almost every corner. Make your way around on its extensive train system, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Prior to your arrival, you may purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass to enjoy savings on unlimited travel on MRT, LRT and basic bus services.

Opening Hours

Singapore is a fast-paced society and highly cosmopolitan. Most shops in the tourist areas usually open at 10am till 9.30pm and stays open on Sundays. Bank opening hours are 9.30am – 4pm (some locations might open till 7pm) and half day on Saturdays from 9.30am till 11.30am, (some banks do offer Sunday banking). Post offices differs in opening hours however most are open from 9am – 5pm. International postal charges for a postcard is 50 cents. Find out more at Singapore Post, there is a postage calculator on the homepage.


The 7% Goods and Services Tax paid for your purchases with a total over S$100 is refundable at the Airport. Claiming your refunds has gone electronic and replaced the paper-form system. Please check with the participating retail outlets when making your purchases about Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS).


Smoking is widely discouraged as the Government implemented numerous no-smoking zones in queues, buildings’ exits, airconditioned places, nightspots and 90% of dining establishments. Do check with your hotel concierge before lighting up as first offenders face S$200 fine.


Singapore Government has launched a nationwide initiative, Wireless @ SG. Most cafes and hotels offer free Wi-Fi and there are also many paying Internet Cafes in most areas.

Phone : The country code is +65.

There are 3 mobile phone providers (SingTel, M1 and Starhub) and you just need to set your phone’s setting to automatically connect to local networks. Or you may purchase pre-paid SIM cards from money changers, 7-Elevens and many other stores and bring along your passport for the purchase.

Useful Contacts

Police: 999

Ambulance & Fire Brigade: 995

Electricity : 220-240 volts, 50 cycle AC.